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According to the official website of the library in June 2014, the library of Medical University Of Anhui has more than 90 volumes of books and periodicals of various publication types, more than 30 volumes of printed periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages, and more than 30 online electronic periodicals. 2 The Provincial Human Sperm Bank Has Passed the Official Operation Review in the First Affi... 2020-09-28. span.s2_1_{LINE-HEIGHT: 160%;FONT-FAMILY: Arial;COLOR: #cc0000;FONT-SIZE: 9pt;FONT-WEIGHT: bold;} China Tel:The President's Office 86-25-86869077 Department of International Cooperation & Exchange 86-25-86869116 Brief Introduction. a.menu0_1_:active {TEXT-DECORATION: none;}; Anhui Medical University was Dongnan Medical College, established in 1926 in Shanghai.

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